In this real world of broken lives and dreams, there is hope.  Angela Bennett lives as a testament to just how broken life can be, yet how devastation can provide the foundations of success.  No one is immune to the adversities of life, yet as Christians sometimes we need more. Angela Bennett speaks frankly and honestly of the journey to and through Spiritual success. 

    Come be inspired and encouraged. Prepare to receive a blessing from the Lord as you consider all He has for you in this life, in spite of its broken times.

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About Angela Bennett

Angela is President & CEO of the SCV Pregnancy Center in Santa Clarita, California. She has been in the Pro-Life Cause as a leader for nearly 20 years. 

Care Net awarded Angela the first National Jeremiah Award to honor her as being a leader of vision. 


Our Services

Angela offers many services to non-profit leaders ranging from consulting to speaking.  

Angela’s powerful life experiences make her a uniquely gifted communicator. God’s hand on her, as a corporate controller, corporate consultant and currently the CEO of a highly successful non-profit organization, has molded her life skills for a broad range of audiences. 

As a speaker, Angela's life experiences are gripping and encouraging. She presents how broken life experiences can become the cornerstones of  personal and spiritual success.

What you can expect

  • A consultant who's passion is to equip and strengthen struggling pregnancy centers for long-term sustainability
  • A keynote pro-life speaker who will envision your guests to grow your ministry.
  • As a conference speaker she brings people to a closer, more successful walk with God
  • A leader who knows the ins and outs of pro-life pregnancy center ministry, in all facets of leadership - fundraising, medical clinic services, business management and board development.




What others are saying...

From banquets to conferences to student events, Angela has been honored by many peers and leaders in the community and across the nation.